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Personal Car Leasing

Removing the headache from traditional car leasing

With over 30 years combined experience in the personal car leasing and car financing industry, Personal Car Leasing is proud to set the bar high when it comes to offering flexible and affordable vehicle leasing to our thousands of customers.

We do what our name sake suggests – match our customers with a brand new, high-quality car that fits them just right.

Whether you are looking for a state-of-the-art cruiser or a large family SUV or anything in-between, we’re the team for you.


We go the extra mile

  • Our cars are all brand new
  • Low credit score? Not a problem; we can find the perfect short-term lease
  • A streamlined process – be up and running with your new car in a flash
  • Financial knowledge means we always find the right contract for you

We’re here to make leasing as easy as possible by removing all the hassle associated with sifting through hundreds of deals, cars and finance options. We get to know a bit about you and what you’re looking for and present you with an exquisite and curated selection of leases to choose from.

How does leasing work?

A quick leasing breakdown

Car leasing makes a brand new vehicle much more affordable. Although you never own your vehicle, you don’t ever need to worry about dreaded depreciation in value, tax, and if you take out are attractive maintenance package, servicing, tyre replacements and even breakdowns! We’ve also broken down common contract types below so you can decide the sort of agreement you want to commit to.

Car leasing is a form of finance agreement whereby you lease a brand new vehicle from us for a fixed cost and time period, before returning it to us. At Personal Car Leasing, we are 100% transparent with our pricing. What you see on our website or are quoted by one of our experienced agents is exactly what you pay. No hidden extras or fees. It’s just not how we do things.

Why hire?

  • You’ll be driving a brand new car
  • Road tax is included for the duration of the contract
  • Makes brand new vehicles affordable
  • Fixed payments so you can budget easily
  • Maintenance can be included

Privately leasing a vehicle with expert guidance is a hassle-free way to get on the road. When you take out a lease contract with Personal Car Leasing, you’ll receive a great set of benefits: road tax, full manufacturer’s warranty, free delivery and dedicated support throughout the lease.

The Personal Hire Specialists

Leasing is a simple and cheap way to hire a personal vehicle in the long term. Our personal leases are very flexible and can be tailored to suit your exact requirements. You can adjust your contract terms to have high mileage, low initial payments, including/excluding maintenance and spanning anywhere from 2-5 years in length. We’ll guide you every step of the way but you’re still the boss!

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Contract options to suit everyone

We’re super-flexible when it comes to payment contracts

There are lots of different contracts available depending on what you wish to receive from this agreement. Some people want to roll onto a new vehicle after a couple of years, others want to own their car out-right after the leasing period concludes. We can cater to all requests. To give you an idea of the differences, here are some of the most common contract types our customers choose:

Hire Purchase (HP)

This is a finance agreement not a leasing agreement. With an HP, you pay a monthly fee for a set period of time and own the car at the end of the period. It’s a simple way to stagger payments for a new car.

Personal Contact Purchase (PCP)

Works like a lease in that you pay a fixed fee per month for a set period of time. However, at the end you have three options: To hand the car back, part-exchange the car or buy the car for a pre-agreed value.

Personal Contact Hire (PCH)

Contract hire but for an individual. This is one of the most common forms of contact hire and involves handing back the car after the leasing period. Most people then roll onto a new car after their lease period is up.

Why customers lease with us

We are specialists in two areas; personal car leasing and the complicated world of finance which is the perfect combination to best serve you. We have a wealth of experience when it comes to matching the perfect car lease with our customers

We won’t stop until we find the right lease deal that’s the exact fit for you. We’ll put a number of tailored options on the table and will continue to replenish the table until we match you with something ideal. On top of that, we ensure the leasing process is smooth and fast, so you can jump into your new car right away.

We love cars and most of our team are petrol heads. We know how good it feels to find the perfect car and we’ll do all we can to find yours.

If you place your trust in us to be your leasing experts, we’ll support you for the life of your contract, quickly addressing any issues or queries no matter how small.

We can accommodate a variety of options to match what you’re looking for. We provide business, fleet and personal hire all of which can be placed on fixed or flexible short- and long-term contracts.

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Secure a new car at an affordable price with hassle-free, reliable and expert guidance from the UK market leaders.

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